Pre-sales service

Alongside its range of products and systems, Clivet offers a series of services to support clients, designers and installers in all activities involving the product throughout its service life.
Clivet distribution network, which covers the whole Europe, provides our clients with commercial, technical and training support.
The widespread distribution network offers its clients a highly professional service, providing them with highly detailed training in the products and systems.

Clivet has a widespread sales network based on 7 subsidiaries and 30 distributors. 
This network ensures a single reference point, highly professional services and an always unexceptionable service.
This structure enables Clivet to meet the needs of all its customers: from professionals (installers and wholesalers) to designers and architects, up to end clients.

Assistance in the world

Assistance in the world - - -
Support network with high technology levels

Service available in most countries of the world

Service is managed from our head office

After-sales service is also available on line

Technical tools available for design support

After-sales Service

Our Technical Assistance Centres throughout the world are there to answer your questions relative to technical assistance and start-up.
Correct start-up is the basis of an efficient system and a satisfied end user. Please refer to our subsidiaries and distributors in the world

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