Consistently uniform temperature and lower energy consumption

Thanks to the continuous fan operation and the gradual speed variations, ELFORoom2 guarantees constant air movement. The exclusive fan electric motor of the ELFORoom2 guarantees low energy consumptions thanks to the modulation of ventilation. The innovative technological solution considerably limits the energy generated for its correct operation, reducing the required power and the operating costs if compared to the traditional fan coils.


Water terminal unit

  • Uniform temperature
  • Lower energy consumptions
  • Less noise
  • Large and easy to access filter



Innovative technological solution


Its innovative technological solution reduces the energy needed for its efficient operation, reducing the power input and operating costs compared to traditional fan-coil.


Fresh and clean air with quiet operation

Quiet operation

The continuously running fan allows to operate the fan coil at very low speeds, making the noise that it produces almost imperceptible. ELFORoom² is equipped with a control system that permits the continuous adjustment of the rpm to suit the system requirements.

It cleans the air as it controls the temperature

In addition to its complete and flexible temperature control, ELFORoom² also takes care of air quality. In fact, it is equipped with a large filter, easily accessible via the front panel, which ensures efficient air purification and makes it possible to reduce cleaning operations.