The aeraulic heat pump with active thermodynamic recovery

It covers 75% of energy needs using free and unlimited renewable energy contained in the air. It recovers the energy from the exhaust air thanks to the active thermodynamic recovery.


System functions

  • Heating
  • Domestic Hot Water Production
  • Cooling
  • Summer dehumidification
  • Controlled mechanical ventilation with thermodynamic recovery
  • Air purification

Assolve ai requisiti di legge sulle energie rinnovabili senza utilizzare ulteriori sistemi di integrazione - Decreto Legge 28/2011
The mechanical controlled ventilation system is essential not only for energy saving, but also for a healthy environment
The harmful elements and odors in the air are eliminated by the efficient electronic filtration system
ELFOPack low energy requirement helps the building to become self sufficient when combined with photovoltaic systems
ELFOPack funzionalità


Maximum energy efficiency

  1. High efficiency electronic filtration

    Standard electronic filters with filtration efficiency higher than 99,9%. The electronic filter pressure drops are 90% lower than a traditional filter, allowing a considerable reduction in electrical energy used for ventilation.

  2. Reduction of 30% on the ventilation electrical energy

    High efficiency plug fans with DC motor, which guarantee a saving on electrical energy of up to 30% compared with the traditional AC fans. The DC motor allows the fan speed to be set to the real system pressure drops, thus minimizing electrical consumption.

  3. Capacity modulation Maximised seasonal efficiencies

    The inverter DC compressor adjusts the capacity depending on system requirements optimising the seasonal efficiency.

  4. 50% of free domestic hot water

    The patented circuit allows the domestic hot water to be produced at high efficiency in winter and free in summer. The innovative twin-wall exchanger improves the heat exchange efficiency and avoids water contamination.

  5. Thermodynamic recovery

    Heat recovery from the extracted air both in winter and in summer by a thermodynamic circuit. The thermal source of the heat pump is always under favorable conditions in terms of efficiency thanks to the mixture between the extracted stale air and the outdoor air. The air introduced in the room is a mixture between the fresh air and the recirculation air.

Comfort through the air

Continuous and rapid adaptation to the desired comfort conditions

Thanks to the lower thermal inertia, the air to air air-conditioning system allows you to reach the desired comfort conditions in a much shorter time than traditional air to water air-conditioning systems. This feature is particularly appreciated in areas with frequent temperature variations typical of Mediterranean climates.


Operation principle


    The compressor adjusts its capacity, which is distributed to purify the air and constantly produce Domestic Hot Water. The constant and simultaneous production of Domestic Hot Water increases the system’s efficiency. During extreme conditions, the post-handling coil is activated as an additional coil.


    Intake air is dehumidifed as well as being treated and brought to the right temperature as a function of the load. The compressor adjusts its capacity in relation to indoor conditions. All the heat taken from cooling the intake air is recovered and transferred to produce free Domestic Hot Water.


    Under optimal conditions, outdoor air is mixed with recirculated air to obtain the correct temperature, negating the need to activate the compressor (freecooling). Domestic Hot Water is produced by turning off the supply air handling exchanger.


One solution for every installation

On the balcony
In the stairwell
In the closet


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