New, clean and fresh air at home

ELFOFresh² rejects the stale air and introduces purified and conditioned fresh air. The harmful elements and smells present in the outdoor air are eliminated by the efficient filtration system. The electrostatic filter is easy to extract and can be fully restored by washing.

Air renewal unit with active thermodynamic heat recovery

  • Summer and winter active thermodynamic heat recovery and 80% building energy satisfaction
  • Electronic filtration
  • Summer dehumidification
  • Free cooling
  • It can be connected to Clivet ELFOAir distribution system


Humidity control

During summer operation ELFOFresh², cooling the air renewal, dehumidifies the air increasing comfort.
The use of ELFOFresh² in cooling systems using underfloor, wall or ceiling heating, makes it unnecessary to install the dehumidifier.
In winter operation, thanks to the use of accessories dedicated, ELFOFresh² maintains a correct humidity value.

Recupero termodinamico attivo

ELFOFresh2 esegue il recupero termodinamico attivo in estate ed in inverno. È realizzato con batterie alettate ad alta efficienza e
garantisce perdite di carico assolutamente modeste durante l’intero ciclo di funzionamento, tali da ridurre sensibilmente l’energia spesa
per la ventilazione. I recuperatori tradizionali, di tipo statico, sono soggetti a penalizzanti perdite di carico sui flussi d’aria.
Gravano costantemente sulla ventilazione, generando maggiori consumi elettrici che nel ciclo annuo vanificano gran parte dell’energia effettivamente recuperata.



The indoor air (A), flows through the evaporator coil (B) and transfers heat to the heat pump. Only then it is rejected (C). After having taken energy from the exhaust air, the refrigerant in the heat pump transfers it through the condenser coil (E) to the outdoor fresh air (D) before being introduced in the room (F).



The cooling cycle is inverted thanks to the 4-way valve, so that the “cold” contained in the exhaust air (A) is recovered in the condenser coil (B) before the air is rejected (C). The outdoor air (D) is filtered and then cooled and dehumidified, passing through the evaporator (E) before being introduced into the room (F).



During mid-seasons, the climate may be more pleasant outside than inside, especially in the evening. In these situations, the clever design of ELFOFresh² allows to keep the required conditions in the rooms using outdoor air at no cost just using the fan.

It increase the building energy class


ELFOFresh² offers extraordinary energy efficiency, since it operates with an heat source, the exhaust air from the building, which is always better than outdoor air. During the winter, for example, it uses the exhaust air which is around 20°C, guaranteeing a COP of over 5,5. ELFOFresh² reduces the ventilation load supplies additional energy, helping to maintain comfortable conditions. The result is an up to 40% reduction in primary energy consumption in heating mode compared to a traditional system.