System control

ELFOControl3 controls and manages the whole system smartly and efficiently to give always the best comfort at the lower cost. It is sufficient a simple touch screen to access the control of each single ELFOSystem part.


The system always under control

  • It manages up to 12 elements simultaneously
  • Set the temperatures directly from “touch” screen or from the thermostat
  • Set different temperatures inside the same climate area
  • Up to 10 customised timed programming for optimizing the functioning and efficiency of the entire system


Radiant control in cooling

In case there is a radiant installation used also for cooling purposes, the humidity control is made by ELFOFresh²,
while the water temperature of the water produced by the heat pump is defined based on the outdoor temperature 
and modified based on dew point through the humidity level measured by the themostats.

Each of us perceives wellness in a different way, which is why it is not at all easy to define comfort. ELFOControl3 allows the user to adapt all the settings and adjustments of the system, even the most advanced, to their needs to ensure everyone enjoys the ideal comfort.

Temperature and humidity room by room management

  1. HID-T5 thermostat, with a modern design, is equipped with a colour touch screen display that allows, thanks to its extremely intuitive graphic, to easily manage the comfort parameters.

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