The air distribution system for ELFOFresh² and ELFOPack

New buildings and redevelopment works on existing buildings ELFOAir is the best solution to fully enjoy the benefits of the ELFOFresh² ventilation system or ELFOPack thanks to its stepped flexible ducts. These are ideal for underfloor applications, as well as for installations in attics and false ceilings. Specially designed grids and outlets can also be fitted and can be perfectly integrated in any kind of architectural context. The modular system ELFOAir with Plug&Play connection of the different elements makes the system extremely easy and quick to install.


The solution for air distribution in a single element

  • Flexible in installation thanks to the use of flexible and usable ducts
  • Air quality assured by the use of antistatic and antibacterial ducts
  • Simple in selecting the components and in the installation
  • Homogenous air diffusion thanks to the special diffusers AIRJET


Antistatic and antibacterial


The inner surface of the flexible ducts is lined with a special plastic film that provides excellent antistatic and antibacterial properties and guarantees top hygiene levels of the treated air. Furthermore the internal smooth surface of the ducts ensures low pressure drops and therefore reduces consumptions for ventilation.

Air distribution system details


Special air diffusers


Thanks to special induction air diffusers, supplied air imperceptibly involves the whole air already present in the ambient and creates a uniform temperature and air quality in the entire room.